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Tiantou refused to return organic fertilizer to the field, and practiced zero growth of fertilizer

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Recently, Chongqing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Miner came to Yongchuan to investigate and guide the ecological priority and green development work, and put forward clear instructions and

Recently, Chongqing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Miner came to Yongchuan to investigate and guide the ecological priority and green development work, and put forward clear instructions and requirements for the prevention and control of pollution in Yongchuan. Secretary Chen Miner pointed out that focusing on “soil”, strengthening soil pollution control, treatment and restoration, and promoting rural non-point source pollution prevention and control.

In order to implement the requirements of Secretary Chen Miner's requirements, Yongchuan District quickly moved to make arrangements for the implementation of soil testing and formula fertilization technology, cultivated land protection and quality improvement technology, and fertilizer reduction and efficiency measures to promote rural sources. Pollution Prevention.

"Measurement of soil and fertilization"

At the end of May this year, the site of the soil testing and fertilization of the orchard in the Shima Orchard of Niumenkou Village, Xianlong Town, Yongchuan District was held. The experts measured the yield: 560 kilograms per year of the application of soil testing formula fertilizer (increased production of common compound fertilizer) 60 kg). After preliminary estimation, the implementation of the soil testing formula of 30 mu, the implementation of soil testing formula in the orchard can increase the income of more than 30,000 yuan. This is just one of the specific examples of Yongchuan District's increase in production and income through soil testing and formula fertilization.

In recent years, Yongchuan District has adhered to “increasing production and fertilization, economic fertilization and environmentally-friendly fertilization”, focusing on improving the coverage of soil testing and fertilization techniques for rice, corn and rapeseed, as well as potato, beans, miscellaneous grains and vegetables. Fruit, tea, pepper and other special horticultural crops are inclined, and the application results of soil testing and formula fertilization technology are expanded. In recent years, through various on-site meetings such as rice breeding and planting, we have strengthened publicity training and technical guidance, focusing on guiding and training large-scale cultivation of 236 large-scale households with more than 50 mu, 40 social service entities, 16 family farms, and agricultural machinery. There are 14 professional cooperatives, which promote the promotion of soil testing and formula fertilization technology in the whole district, bringing the promotion area to 1.85 million mu in 2017 and the coverage rate to reach 95%. In the next step, Yongchuan District will actively expand mobile service platforms such as tablet PCs and mobile phones and “QR code” based on the “earth soil formula fertilization intelligent consultation system (touch screen)” and “cultivated land resource data management information base”. Scanning without media electronic service, making 23 town street soil testing formula fertilization intelligent consultation system (touch screen) and Yongchuan District Agriculture Committee, grain and oil station soil testing formula fertilization intelligent consultation system (touch screen), Chongqing Municipal Agricultural Commission soil testing formula fertilization intelligent consultation The system's big data platform is connected.

Tiantou garbage becomes organic fertilizer returning to the field

In the contracted land of Li Gang, a villager in Dongzikou Village, Da'an Street, Yongchuan District, Li Gangzheng led the villagers to return corn stalks to the fields. “In layman's terms, it is to simply fertilize corn stalks to the field, which is much better than direct incineration.” Li Gang, a large planter, said with a smile that the straw was transformed into a harmless nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and spread in the land of his own cooperative. In both, the use of fertilizer has been reduced and the output has been increased.

In recent years, Yongchuan has established demonstration films in various towns and streets to guide the masses to increase the utilization of agricultural waste resources. In 2015, it promoted 138,000 mu: 88,000 mu of straw returned to the field, and 50,000 mu of green fertilizer was pressed; in 2016, 90,000 mu was promoted: 88,000 mu of straw was returned to the field, and 70,000 mu of green fertilizer was pressed. In the next step, Yongchuan District will vigorously promote the application of “organic fertilizer + formula fertilizer + mechanical ditch deep application of soil”, “formulation fertilizer + straw returning field”, “fruit (dish, tea) according to the requirements of “one control, two reductions and three basics”. ) - bio-animal (avian) + pipe network watering", "organic fertilizer + water and fertilizer integration", "formulation fertilizer + green manure" and other planting and combination, biomass resources recycling and other technical models, promote the livestock and poultry manure nutrients The rate of returning to the field, the utilization rate of crop straw returning, and the use of commercial organic fertilizer are continuously increasing.

Fertilizer "zero growth" reduction and efficiency

The existing cultivated land area in Yongchuan District is 1.0115 million mu, and the total area of ??crops planted per year is about 1.955 million mu. At present, the main pushes in Yongchuan District are the application of trace elements in formula fertilizers, the replacement of some fertilizers by commercial organic fertilizers, the formulation of fertilizers + straws, the smashing of farms, the fertilization of soil fertility, the high yield of rice, vegetables and droughts, and the reduction of fertilizers. Zero (negative) growth is the main push technology model. In the next step, Yongchuan District will strengthen the basic work of “Zero Fertilizer Use Zero Growth Action” and continuously explore the innovative technology model of “Zero Fertilizer Use Zero Growth Action”, and strive for the early realization of the zero growth target of fertilizer use in the whole region, and the total fertilizer use by 2020. No more than 21,000 tons (pure).

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